What does archaeology have to do
with me?

Museum | UnderstandIng HUMANity | Permanent exhibition

Our permanent exhibit „UnderstandIng HUMANity“ forges a link between research and personal identity

Opened on 15th July 2014

The history of early humans determines our behaviour to the present day. On a journey of discovery to yourself „MenschlICHes VERSTEHEN / UnderstandIng HUMANity“ describes the most important stages of our behavioural development with moving imagery. Acting as independent tour guides visitors trace the roots of their behaviour and come closer to their own identity. This is the point of archaeology.

Of course those who want the details can also find “real archaeology”: significant finds, background information and methodology. First-hand and up to date – as a research museum we present comprehensible research and intelligible archaeology.

Marie Sjøvold - All Too Human Moving Moments

At MONREPOS the internationally succesful photographic artist Marie Sjøvold (Norway) has transcribed the history of our behavioural development into powerful images.

Throughout our exhibit they illustrate ageless and all too human moving moments.